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Zanitha Est. 12.27.07
Oct 21, '13 @ 12:40PMHits: 1452

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Zanetta Donally
32 / f / 719 / mexicanamerican
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whats up to all the homies hit me back alrato

Babblez n' Rantz
I love sexy vatos [views: 286]
Hate n' Rate Messengers n' Shit
Current Rating: 9.75
Times Rated: 80

Snapchat: Whisper
Kik Messenger: ZanithaakaWhisper
EMail: Leave me alone.
Site: Leave me alone.
Loyal Since: Dec 27, '07 @ 6:23PM
Last Active: Oct 21, '13 @ 12:40PM
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Awww... you're just a nice one aren't ya...
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