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THuGEd_OuT_TExAN Est. 2.9.05
Dec 31, '15 @ 5:41PM:hide background:   Hits: 19701

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MiiKe And... im from TeXa$..So HollA!!
32 / m / 210 / Hispanic
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iiM HoLdiN iiT DoWn Fo Da(("LoNe-StAr-STaTe")) DONT FUKK WIT TEXAS....NE-WaY'Z HoLLa At Yo BoY PlZ.. LaDDiiEz' DoNt' Be SkAReD TOo, ClAiM Me As YoUr HoMiE Or LeAvE Me CoMMeNts :-) Im NoT An AsSHoLe JuSS FiNd OuT 4 Ur SeLF Im A ReAl NiCe ~N~ SweeT GuY & GrEw Up WiT GooD MorAlS AnD SeNsE Of HuMoR AlSO If U LeAvE A MeSSaGe I Will RePlY BaCk....But If I DoNt GeT BaCk I AinT FeeLin' U SoO SorrY ( FAGOTS DONT MESSAGE ME ) --{{SuM(411)On Me}}-- i StAnD --{{6ft.1' ImTall}}-- MuH B-DaY -{{IN DA SUMMER T!M3 JULY}}- I Love -{{MUZIK N BEING A Dj}}- Im REAL azz Ni99a LooKin' 4 A ReAl DwN AzZ GuRL -{{ii WANT A REAL WOMEN NO TIME 4 GAMEZ}}- Wat Doez This Mean -{{IF U FEELING ALL D!S DOnt WASTE T!ME GeT At M3}}- & My Status -{{iiM' SINGLE & READY TO MINGLE}}

Babblez n' Rantz
apparently they keep thingz To themselves...
Hate n' Rate Messengers n' Shit
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Times Rated: 282

Snapchat: ASK ME
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Loyal Since: Feb 9, '05 @ 9:21PM
Last Active: Dec 31, '15 @ 5:41PM
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PiX Of Me
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