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Quest1onz Est. 11.15.02
Dec 14, '15 @ 2:48PM:hide background:   Hits: 43879

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1 Smoke Ganja! Quest1onz
38 / m / 818 / Dah fool de talk but dah no fo
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You like.. SINGLE STONER!!!I AM NOT NEW ~ Half Belizean n Mexican here. grown not in for the drama.. Yes 420 friendly ~ ```_```_```_```_`````_```_```_```_`````_```_```_```_```_```_```_``` ``/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\```/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\```/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\`/`\`` `(`P`)`u`)`f`)`f`)`(`p`)`u`)`f`)`f`)`(`p`)`a`)`s`)`s`)`.`)`.`)`.`)` ``\_/`\_/`\_/`\_/```\_/`\_/`\_/`\_/```\_/`\_/`\_/`\_/`\_/`\_/`\_/`` I keep my feet down to earth, and me head pon me shoulders, me natta kill a bowy, but Me still a Jah Jah soldier, the teachings and the wisdom, are in the eyes of the beholder, the other dem get colder, i am not afraid of dem plans, i am not afraid of dem pistol, Iam reading dem minds, like you see through a crystal, rastafari judgment powerful, And never partial, the thing a gets crucial well then, Humbleness true righteousness...

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apparently they keep thingz To themselves...
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Snapchat: I SMOKE WEED
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EMail: Leave me alone.
Loyal Since: Nov 15, '02 @ 4:26AM
Last Active: Dec 14, '15 @ 2:48PM
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