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I've been here for a minute, and am looking to make friends, and possibly more..Life can suck pretty bad sometimes, but I guess that just makes the good parts that much better. I am an Army veteran- and am thankful to be back home I am getting back into graphic design, and putting my degree to use this time.. I'm about connecting and having a passion for someone that won't quit, and a desire to do whatever it takes to get what I want- I get more pleasure from giving, and I often have my kindness mistaken for weakness. I have a solid understanding of the core values of life, and have seen first hand people I grew to love as my brothers in arms have their lives taken before my eyes. - I treat every day as If it were a gift from god, every breath as if it were my last and every smile as if it were photographically etched forever in my mind, I am-separated-divorcing / no kids.... I'm here to make some friends, like I said.. meet someone new...and make me smile..... Not into all the silly games and mind messing. Feel free to message me, or drop me a line. I have more pictures and use Yahoo Messenger here and there..-which I'd rather chat on. Andy

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