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"This is my dick. And this is my food. Oh and here is my poo." -kono
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  e.g. basic, bitch, mami, single mommy, etc.


sorry, still obsessed.

if u have any questions or complaints which you want to sit and never get read then send to either dr underscore evil at cpixel dot com or sickz at cpixel d0t com.. oh btw. j/k
who'z talkin' shiiiiiet
How sweet, white meat! :)
Rio clowned on sweet_sensation1 @ 3:04:40 AM

oh umm uhh ok ? lol
patty straight jockin on Subzero @ 2:31:55 AM

Mi nalgona :)
Daddy complained to MsKari12 @ 1:39:05 AM

They got you hard homie. He will only text/call you when he at work. he was playing my cousin telling her he was single and wanted to get to know her. Bullshieezz ...
your night and joy havin nasty thoughts about jdm714 @ 1:28:22 AM

Ddy chulo!!!!
mskari straight jockin on mikey_mike213 @ 1:21:22 AM

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 "We die, in turn, so that others may live. The tragedy of a single individual becomes, in the balance of natural things, the triumph of ongoing life." -Sherwin B. Nuland 
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