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  e.g. basic, bitch, mami, single mommy, etc.

if u have any questions or complaints which you want to sit and never get read then send to either dr underscore evil at cpixel dot com or sickz at cpixel d0t com.. oh btw. j/k
who'z talkin' shiiiiiet
Yup.........i would
swing couldn't stand OCBabyBlueEyeZ @ 7:25:44 PM

experienced been praiseworthy on enable pill college classes. North Face Outlet
North Face Outlet complained to _So_CLeaN @ 6:51:35 PM

Lol aww how cute, all smiles on Xmas is a good thing especially the ones coming from loved ones! :)
patty whined to The_Tramp @ 4:52 PM

Look michelan woman, u weren't there when I had my kids, everyone don't have there kids natural. Obviously I didn't have my kids natural and u did, u just mad c...
vagtastic couldn't stand The_Tramp @ 3:21:30 PM

Lol I've said many of times she always does some stupid shieezz on her pics, warps, puts her Lil gremlin kids on there. Did u notice she looks greasy?! She's swe...
yourz truly complained to princesscutz @ 3:18:51 PM

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