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  e.g. basic, bih, ratchet, etc..


if u have any questions or complaints which you want to sit and never get read then send to either dr underscore evil at cpixel dot com or sickz at cpixel d0t com.. oh btw. j/k
who'z talkin' shiiiiiet
Susie clowned on gott_swagg_yada @ 12:29:09 AM

i also find it funny people block you or make comments anonymously when they want to talk shit about you lmfao mother fuckers are weak as fuck scared I'm...
wonder woman straight jockin on WONDERWOMAN @ 12:11:47 AM

awww i see ignorant people are hating oh well cause honestly i could give 2 fucks i dont have shit to hide thats why it says transgender woman !! i look ...
wonder woman complained to WONDERWOMAN @ 11:55:27 PM

Do it!!!!
subzero havin nasty thoughts about princesscutz @ 11:43:59 PM

Good luck with the "no creepy people"
beans straight jockin on Nancy2015 @ 10:25:59 PM

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SickzAL 2 CYN
dr_Evilin forumz
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John00879watchin' you

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 "We die, in turn, so that others may live. The tragedy of a single individual becomes, in the balance of natural things, the triumph of ongoing life." -Sherwin B. Nuland 
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