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  e.g. basic, bitch, mami, single mommy, etc.

if u have any questions or complaints which you want to sit and never get read then send to either dr underscore evil at cpixel dot com or sickz at cpixel d0t com.. oh btw. j/k
who'z talkin' shiiiiiet
Take this to heart D, 1. You're not my baby daddy 2. I don't love you & 3. Why don't you do what you do best n LEAVE. This time stay gone. BYE!!
Mz_Sin jaw droppin over Mz_Sinizter @ 10:04:31 PM

Show off? Wth....I have a life outside of cpixel unlike some of y'all. Sorry your life isn't amazing. Keep hating 😊
Youbish bitched to YouBish @ 9:55:28 PM

Oohhh Loowd!!!! Lol
kitty clowned on gLo_gLo @ 9:26:09 PM

I'm your biggest fan. You're so sexy! muah!
Figure it out whined to 954st @ 8:41:26 PM

anytime doll!
tatt_artist626 bitched to Andrea76 @ 8:13:33 PM

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 "We die, in turn, so that others may live. The tragedy of a single individual becomes, in the balance of natural things, the triumph of ongoing life." -Sherwin B. Nuland 
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